New Deck Construction

Recently I was asked if I would be interested in helping to install a deck for a client.  The first questioned asked by the client was if I was willing to not only be more of a lead on the project but whether I had a problem with him helping as much as he could and with him supplying the materials needed for the project.  My reply was....when would you like to start.  My hope when I first started my company was to lend the hand to people who like me liked the work but just needed some guidance and extra muscle to help them accomplish there goals around the house.  Though we also are more than willing to help without our clients assistance, it also is fun to have the extra company on the job site as well as the extra set of arms. 

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Moving or Buying New Equipment

So you have moved to your new home or maybe decided to upgrade your entertainment components.  It can seem like a fairly easy task to install or mount this new equipment.  However, once you move into your new home or get your new equipment home, you begin to realize just how much time it is going to take to get things settled and into their new location. 

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Updating your Home in OKC

Many people after purchasing a home find themselves overwhelmed by the tasks at hand.  Once you have made this large investment in your future the real fun begins.  As you begin to move in the boxes, set up your furniture and start your daily routine you begin to notice just how much you still would like to do to make this feel more like home.  The ceiling fan in your master bedroom doesn't look right with your furniture or is dated.  Window treatments are needed in areas to help match up with your style.

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