Jan 02 2019

Toilet Leaking or Hard to Flush?

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Fixing your leaky or hard to flush toilet

Lately here at Mr Fix It Oklahoma we have been helping people fix their leaking or hard to flush toilets while out on other repairs.  This is a fairly easy fix that most people can handle and the part to fix it only costs $2.  These are the steps to diagnose what part of your toilet is not working correctly and most times the $2 gasket is all you need.

1.  Remove the tank lid

2.  Flush the toilet  (If the handle requires a lot of force the problem already lies in the gasket, if the toilet is running then you will need to listen as to where it is leaking)


3.  Listen (if the water sounds like it is coming from the tower the water comes from to fill the tank the issue is the fill tower however more commonly the water will be leaking from the gasket not sealing correctly)

4.  Turn off water to the toilet.  Right is off, Left is on.

5.  If you have the flapper at the bottome of where your water drains out replace the flapper if you have the plastic tower in the middle follow the next steps.

6.  Remove fill hose located in the middle of the circle at the top of your tower.

7. Use a pair of pliers to remove the nut on the back of your flush handle

8.  Unscrew the plastic circle from the top of the plastic tower which will allow you to lift the plastic tower straight up exposing your red gasket at the bottom of the drain for the tank

9.  Remove round gasket and replace with the new one.  There is a grove that the gasket goes in so make sure to start on one corner and work your way around.  If you have installed correctly you should be able to spin the gasket around the circular groove.

10.  Put everything back together in reverse and you should be done.

Of course if this is something you don't want to tackle on your own or if your leak is coming from the fill tower it can be a little more tricky but still a task you might be able to do on your won.  If not Mr Fix It Oklahoma would be more than happy to handle this repair.  Just give us a call.

Here is a link to the gasket you will need for most toilets.  We have noticed our clients having the most issues with the Mannsfield toilets as the gasket they use is not very good from the factory.

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