Oct 04 2018

Fixing Things Around the Home Can Be Overwhelming

Long lists for things to get done around your home Long lists for things to get done around your home 2018 Chauncey Studios

Home Projects become too Big to Manage

It happens to most of us all too often.  A bunch of small projects around the home turn into big projects and the homeowner quickly becomes overwhelmed.  The past client we just got done working with came upon this exact issue.  Small trees became big ones.  Low grass and weeds over their septic field quickly became a wild forest.  A post on the deck began to rot and then over time became structurally unsound.  Winter is approaching and the home owner heats the home with a wood burning fire place that needed to be cleaned out before winter.  Wood needed to be split to give them their heating fuel source prior to winter.  A new water heater was needing to be installed but pipes in the main manifold had began to rust and needed to be replaced prior to the install.  And last but not least a dryer vent needed to be installed in the basement.  Basically the home owner had become over whelmed at the amount of work that needed to be done.


Calling all the different trades would have caused not only increase stress managing them all, but would have costed more money and time.  Luckily I was able to dedicate a little time to helping this client with their check list before the list got even larger.  As a matter of fact I worked so efficiently the client ended up doubling the original list of fixes.  As many people well know one project can quickly turn into three.  This home owner quickly realize that one project needed two other things done to be done correctly.   Mr Fix It Oklahoma was able to handle all the clients tasks.  From the weeds on the septic field, to the access for the dryer vent and even the mainfold for the water system.

With winter quickly approaching don't little your little projects overwhelm you to the point they become large expensive fixes.  A little cost spread over a list of small projects can quickly become large expensive projects.  Just like car maintenance a when done appropriately over time, minor home maintenance can save you bug bucks further down the road and give your home it's original shine.

Here are just a few pictures of the work done at the clients home.....

Installed water filteration system and new manifold from well inside the home

 20180927 082836

Installed new hot water tank

20180927 082855

Cleared brush from septic field

20180927 091835

Removed old rotted deck post and installed new post

20180927 091848

Installed Dryer vent to access the basement

20180927 091959

Cleaned deck, awning and stacked firewood for winter

20180927 092029

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