Aug 21 2018

New Deck Construction for Patio Space and Above Ground Pool Entry

16 x 24 cedar deck install 16 x 24 cedar deck install 2018 Chauncey Studios

New Deck Construction

Recently I was asked if I would be interested in helping to install a deck for a client.  The first questioned asked by the client was if I was willing to not only be more of a lead on the project but whether I had a problem with him helping as much as he could and with him supplying the materials needed for the project.  My reply was....when would you like to start.  My hope when I first started my company was to lend the hand to people who like me liked the work but just needed some guidance and extra muscle to help them accomplish there goals around the house.  Though we also are more than willing to help without our clients assistance, it also is fun to have the extra company on the job site as well as the extra set of arms. 


The client had recently installed an above ground pool and had a small existing concrete patio that was installed when the home was built in the early 2000's.  His goal was to not only tie the pool and patio together but to increase the patio space for his family to more comfortably enjoy the new pool.  They wanted the main deck to flow well with the existing concrete patio.  Also, they wanted the flexibility to not only potentially add a pergola to the main deck and to be able to remove the above ground pool deck should they decide in the future to get rid of their above ground pool.  It gave me a lot to think about in my design and construction.

In the photos you will see the final product.  The main deck area ended up being 16ft x 24ft with 6x6 pergola posts and a flush step attched to the existing concrete patio which required the client to then make one step to the new deck.  This allowed our design to come flush with the windows along the back of the home so that no interior light was lost in the rooms next to the patio.  Next we built a staircase with railing up to a 5ft x 10ft raised deck that sat flush with the top of the above ground pool.  

I made sure that the entire project was built for integrity and strength so there was no flex in our decking and would allow for a lot of weight on both structures without causing any structural fatigue in the years to come.  The client was happy that he was able to assist and make on the fly decisions regarding the overall quality of the build.  I hope you give me the opportunity to assist you with making a valuable investment in your lifestyle and home by building a beautiful patio like this one at your home.  

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