May 18 2018

Spring brings Notice of Treatments, repairs and replacemet lists for Sale of Home (TRR) Featured

TRR list example TRR list example

Customer receives TRR notice prior to sale of their home

It is about prime season for home sales across the United States.  Here in the state of Oklahoma home sales are strong.  However, when selling a home one of the most stressful times for both the seller and purchaser can be the inspection period prior to contract signing. This is where choosing a handyman can help save you both time and money. For example here is a couple of examples of TRR lists we at Mr Fix It Oklahoma just finished repairing prior to the sale of our customers homes.


OK Notice of Treatments Repairs and Replacements OREC


Springhollow TRR Request

Before you Panic Needing to make Repairs

Inspectors are hired to find problems.  Most of the repairs they find are minor and can be repaired for reasonable costs.  Don't panic!  If our clients would of contracted several individuals to handle the repairs they needed the costs would have been staggering.  Mr Fix It Oklahoma was able to make all these repairs with one phone call.  This not only saved them time, but money and helped get their homes sold quickly without the head ache of multiple contractors and on call fees.  Also working with just one company to handle these fixes allowed the home owners to defer their payments until closing through their title company, allowing them to use their personal money for other uses.  I hope you give me the opportunity to help you get through the process of selling your next home by sending us a copy of your TRR and inspection report so we can give you an estimate and sell your home fast.  Even if you have just purchased your home a handyman can help you hang, change and repair some of those things you need dane to make your new home yours.

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