Mar 09 2018

Building a Cabinet for items in your home

Wine cooler cabinet concept Wine cooler cabinet concept Copyright Chauncey Studios 2018

A Simple addition to your Living Room

Finding solutions to creating a new addition for items in your home can be challenging.  Sure many can go to the furniture store and find a hutch or piece of furniture that fits with there style and that can be used to help store things in your home.  However, sometimes items can be in a unique place and require something a little more custom to fit ones needs.  A perfect example is the solution Mr Fix It Oklahoma came up with for this wine cooler.  In previous homes there was a bar in the basement that had the perfect spot for our wine cooler.  In this home we needed to find a more unique way to hide our wine cooler and create something that would hold our extra wine glasses and booze.  We prefer a more open concept and we were unable to find a pre made piece and wanted something a little more unique that fit with the decor of our home.

We found the perfect spot for the wine cooler in our home but its location left us with what we felt was an unusable hole in terms of esthetics. 


We decided to add the extra storage to the left of the wine cooler, a top to handle a wine opener and some decor.  Shiplap to the sides of the cabinet helped to tie in the other pieces and the overall look we have in the home.  It is a rather simple piece but helped with not only storage of our bar items, but gave the wine cooler a little more of a hidden look with easy accessibility for similar or less cost than we were able to find at the box stores. 


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