Feb 21 2018

TV and Audio; Options and Install in Oklahoma City

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Moving or Buying New Equipment

So you have moved to your new home or maybe decided to upgrade your entertainment components.  It can seem like a fairly easy task to install or mount this new equipment.  However, once you move into your new home or get your new equipment home, you begin to realize just how much time it is going to take to get things settled and into their new location. 

I am speaking from experience to say the least.  Hind sight being 20/20, should you have taken on this task alone you quickly find out just how much time that TV and entertainment system took to set up the last time.  As I am sure many can attest the "it only should take an hour", quickly turns into a half or a full day.  Runs back and forth to the hardware or electronics store to acquire the parts you need.  Maybe even time going to your friends house to borrow the proper tools. Even I have fallen prey to the YouTube video that says can easily be done in just an hour when testing projects on my own home before offering services to my clients.

New Technology and TV options

I might be dating myself but I can say things were much easier when it was just an antenna needed to hook into your TV. Now a days it is choices, choices, choices! Do I do antenna, internet TV (roku, apple, playstation), cable provider (AT&T, Cox, Xfinity, Dish) or maybe a mixture?  What is Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Apple TV or Vue?  I can not tell you how many posts I have read when it comes to what works best and can I get this in my home. Of course you can Facebook your friends or even Nextdoor your neighbors but who has the right information.  Soon I will be writing another blog that may answer some of these questions.

Then you begin to add other devices such as audio equipment for better sound, DVD or BluRay players or maybe even a little old school VHS. Then you have to wire in speakers, etc. People can even fall prey to the "I'll just go wireless, that will be easier" and quickly begin to despise the pin wheel of death when streaming to those devices. All the wires begin to look the same.  Mounting hardware gets lost during the move and needs to be replaced.  The really nice person that helped you at the electronics store forgot to mention you needed other tools or cords.  Then you have to answer the what do I do with all these cords question.  Pretty soon you just give up or call us to help give you a hand getting all your equipment hung, hooked up and looking great.

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