Feb 06 2018

Remodeling your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodel Before Photo Kitchen Remodel Before Photo copyright chauncey studios 2017

Kitchen remodeling adds value to your home

One of the most important places to focus your dollars for the best return on investment can be in the homes kitchen.  Not only is the space a focal point in many homes, it can be the major gathering place for not only your family but friends.  A kitchen remodel can also set the stage for a new look for your home.  As is the case with any remodel, they take time, planning and thought to get the most return on investment in the future.

Remodeling Trends can Come and Go

 We will look at a project completed by Mr Fix It Oklahoma handyman services as an example of a complete transfermation of a kitchen.  We handled the entire project from demo, refinishing and installation.  The photo below shows the final product as a stark contrast to where we started this project depicted in the above photo. 

Remodeling trends can set the stage to not only create a kitchen that is more up to date but adding timeless elements can help in the future should you choose to move.  The client who purchased the home felt like the kitchen could set the stage for a complete home remodel project.  They felt the kitchen which had been designed by the previous owners in 2004 was beginning to show its age and could use a face lift that fit more with their particular style.  The faux paint on the upper levels, the frosted glass pantry door, the construction grade granite countertops and the light colored wood cabinets would all need a new look.  Mr Fix It Oklahoma worked in line with a interior designer the client had chose to help create the perfect look for this new project.  The designer set the stage for the initial look of the project and as we began the remodel new additions were made to the already initial stunning design. 


A Complete new Kitchen design and look

 The client purchased the home realizing that the overall layout was a perfect fit for their lifestyle.  This helped keep costs for the project lower since no walls needed to be moved, just some tweaks to the overall look and feel with a few upgrades.  They decided a lowering of the island to one surface level would help open the kitchen to the adjacent sitting area and living space.  A shiplap face to the island would help to tie the kitchen and the other rooms planned in the remodeling project which you will see in other blogs.  The dark blue cabinets would help pull the color chosen of the new granite countertops that would be installed.  The rock tile backsplash would tie in the new look of the fireplace planned as well.  The dark handscraped hardwood floors installed throughout the home would help tie the new stain color of the doors throughout and a distressed dark wood paneling at the top of the cabinets helped tie everything together.  The interior paint would be changed to a neutral warm grey and thick white trim was installed to help bring the overall look of this entire remodel together as the entire first floor was to be refinished.  The pantry door was changed from a frosted glass to a chalkboard to give more of a farmhouse feel.  Lastly the electric cooktop was replaced with a gas burner cooktop to help create more of a chef's level kitchen for the home.  These new designs and upgrades helped keep the home classic to suit many peoples tastes who like the more rustic design with modern amenities in a home. 

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